ELACO® - Benefits & advantages to numerous industries

Engineering Primary and secondary structures designed, created and manufactured from the novel high impact strength, elastic laminates based on the ELACO® Technology - invention, could be used in various civil and military industries.

Examples of industries where the ELACO® Technology could be used include:

  • aviation industry,
  • space industry,
  • train and rail industry,
  • maritime industry,
  • automotive industry building industry,
  • armoured / ballistic protective industry,
  • construction industry,
  • decoration industry,
  • furniture and municipal industry / engineering, transportation / road safety (barriers),
  • multiple general applications, including materials / structures developed through nanotechnology

Depending on the type of industry that is interested in applying the novel ELACO® Technology, (the End Users), the benefits and advantages can be illustrated and summarized as follows:

Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry

Immediate benefits for the aerospace industry can be obtained through:

  • weight reduction;
  • high impact resistance of panels and structures;
  • significantly reduced damage caused by birds and small debris from the lending strip;
  • increased fatigue resistance, therefore significantly improved safety of occupants;
  • increased reliability of air transport by reduced idle time of the aircrafts; and
  • reduced accidental damage during maintenance.
Air cargo industry

Benefits for the air cargo industry would be demonstrated through:

  • reduced weight of containers, ultimately resulting in increased loading capacity of a vessel;
  • resulting savings in fuel consumption; and
  • an increase in overall cost-effectiveness and efficiency of air cargo services.

The related aerospace and space satellite industry would significantly benefit from the application of materials based on the ELACO® Technology for fuel reservoirs, satellites and space module structures.

Maritime Industries Maritime Industries

Catamaran and Yacht Designers and Manufacturers

An immediate benefit in these industries could be obtained by gaining a distinct advantage over the competitors if using superior materials based on the ELACO® Technology instead of currently used composites.

Importantly, it is estimated that no additional investment of significant proportions would be necessary in the production process if the manufacturer already uses certain types of materials and / or composites.

In addition, considerable benefits could be obtained by advertising and marketing the end products as being built with materials based on the ELACO® Technology, composites with superior mechanical properties.

This would prove itself to be the ELACO® Technology's unique selling point, which is directly reflected on the end product, including:

  • impact resistance with a dock, a blunt rock or another vessel;
  • significant improvement in occupants' safety;
  • easy repair of the hull;
  • significant weight reduction, etc.
  • Shipbuilding and submarine industry

For the shipbuilding and submarine industry, the key benefit would be the reduced weight and opportunity to lower the center of gravity of the vessels.

For example, internal sections made of the lightweight ELACO® - based composites / laminates, with their inherently superior mechanical properties, can substitute more complex and heavier structures such as those based on balsa wood and some other, currently used composites.

This is particularly significant for submarines, where the application of ELACO® - based materials can significantly reduce weight of the vessel while increasing its tactical abilities.

This would allow for:

  • longer time under water,
  • reduced fuel/energy consumption,
  • increased outer protection, and
  • ultimately an increased depth of diving.
Automotive Industry Automotive Industry

The key benefits for the automotive industry are reflected through:

  • high impact resistance of panels; and
  • significantly improved safety of occupants .

In addition, significant weight reduction of a vehicle is an important benefit for this industry, as it ultimately results in increased fuel efficiency.

The same applies for the bus and truck manufacturers, as well as in rail-train industry where the entire sections can be made of ELACO® - based materials. This could be extended to apply to:

  • campervans,
  • racing cars,
  • solar vehicles, and
  • other vehicles based on various advanced technical solutions.

The related ecological considerations would, in this instance, be an added bonus and would be an important marketing feature in this, as well as any related industry.

Other uses

Numerous other consumer products could be manufactured, with great benefits for a range of customers and consumers: from hand-held tool-holders, luggage, various special purpose bags, boxes and multi-purpose containers to be used in numerous other industries.

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