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ELACO® - The Company's most valuable asset is its Intellectual Property.

Jasko Musaefendić, MPhEng Sc,Mech Eng.
Chairman of the Board, Executive Director
Member of the Board since 2004
Chairman of the Board since 2004
Inventor of the ELACO Technology
Founder of the ELACO Pty Ltd
Australian citizen

Previous main positions
Project Management, Shell, Australia
Project Management, Alcoa, Australia
Project Management, BlueScope Steel, Australia
Project Management, Paperlinx, Australia
Project Engineering, Rellectronic Remesh, Germany
R&D Engineering, Steelworks, Yugoslavia

ELACO Pty Ltd Founder and Chairman of the ELACO Board.  Mr Musaefendić is the inventor of the ELACO Technology and is the driving force behind the Company’s activities.


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