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Maritime Industries Increased potential of ELACO applications in maritime industry 

  • Material/ mechanical property issues

Based on the latest (January 2010) developments at ELACO Pty Ltd, the most recently manufactured ELACO panels are 2.3 mm thick and their weight is ~2.1 kg/sqm.

If ELACO was used as one of the elements in integral sandwich configuration for maritime applications, the final panel structure – currently around 25mm thick - could be reduced to a sandwich between 15 and 20mm thick.

By using materials already applied in maritime industry, as integral part of the sandwich configuration, the ELACO structures would significantly contribute to increased strength, bending, torsional, impact and fatigue resistance of the final integral structure.

  • Weight issues

In addition, ELACO inclusion may contribute to significant weight reduction as per the following analysis:

Currently the 1sqm Panel Weight as discussed for a Racing Hull as follows:

  • Outside skin 300g cloth  x 5 layers - 1.5kg
  • Foam core 25mm thick - 2.0 kg
  • Inside skin 300g cloth  x 5 layers - 1.5kg
  • Resin at 55% - 3.71kg

Total panel weight per sqm = 8.71 kg

If ELACO is used, the proposed final sandwich structure would include:

  • Outside skin ELACO 2.3 mm - 2.4kg
  • Foam core 10 - 15mm thick –  0.8 - 1.2 kg
  • Inside skin ELACO 2.3 mm - 2.4kg
  • Resin (between foam core and ELACO – adhesion) – 1.5kg

Total panel weight per sqm = 7.1 – 7.5 kg

The use of the ELACO composite elements in integral sandwich configuration for maritime applications has a potential for a weight reduction of between 15 and 25%, with significantly improved impact resistance properties.

It is also suggested that costs of the structure based on the ELACO Technology would be significantly reduced, especially if compared with those current strictures that use very expensive carbon fibres.


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