ELACO® - Technical Characteristics of Composites made through the application of the ELACO® Technology

technical regulationsTechnical worthiness of the ELACO® Technology has been proven under very strict testing conditions.

The tests used were based on Formula One Technical Regulations for Side Impact, and have established that:

  • there is a way to create composites with highly desirable physical properties and technical performance, and;
  • such composites can be created without using high-cost components and technologies.

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Stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight ratios of ELACO® based materials are superior in comparison to a number of other well-known composite materials.

In comparison with all already developed fibre metal laminate structures, mechanical properties of materials based on the ELACO® Technology are significantly improved. This particularly applies to properties reflecting transversal directions in relation to the loading, so called 'impact loading'.

As a result of these properties, there are unlimited application possibilities of the ELACO® Technology. These include: an increased level of safety, which can, for example, result in a significant number of lives saved and a reduction of fatal or any other injuries in all transport devices, as well as reduction in weight, ease of production, reduced fuel consumption, and reduction in maintenance costs.

Comparison of selected mechanical properties of materials now in use in the automotive and aviation industries with the Novel High Impact Strength, Elastic ELACO® Fibre Metal Laminate


Impact resistance and impact energy absorption properties of the ELACO® based materials are almost equal to similar samples made of steel, with a specific weight reduction of up to five times, lower deflection and high percentage of elastic recovery after plastic deformation.

The most important feature of ELACO® based materials, which is not achievable with homogenous materials such as steel or aluminium, is a comparatively high percentage of elastic recovery during plastic deformation after loading. An obvious example of the application of this feature of the ELACO® based materials would be in the automotive industry, where it can significantly increase car occupants' safety during side impact (further discussed below).

The reasons for using of ELACO® based materials in aviation, space and transport industry are numerous. The key reason, however, is that it can be used for building and implementing structural elements made of ELACO® based materials that have mechanical properties far superior to existing composite structures.

This applies to both composite materials of similar thickness and homogenous materials, such as aluminium.

impact energy chart

Photos of Samples After Impact

Steel 1.5 mm
Aluminium 1.5 mm
Steel 0.8 mm
Density: 7850 kg/ m3
Density: 2750 kg/ m3
Density: 7850 kg/ m3

Density: 2247 kg/m 3
Density: 1934 kg/m 3
Density: 2448 kg/m 3
Thickness: 4.63 mm
Thickness: 7.03 mm
Thickness: 5.88 mm

Density: 1304 kg/m 3
Density: 2021 kg/m 3
(second impact without
outer aluminium layers)
Thickness: 18.60 mm
Thickness: 10.80 mm
Density: 1701 kg/m 3

Thickness: 3.4 mm


The main advantage of application of ELACO® is that it allows building, in full or partly, various structures, such as a plane or a car, with significantly increased safety ratings while reducing weight.

Based on these highly desirable mechanical properties of structures based on the ELACO® Technology, they can cost-effectively substitute various, already utilised, types of FMLs.


The improved durability and safety to weight ratio ultimately results in better fuel efficiency compared with already known and widely used technologies, including a significant cost saving aspect of manufacture and production.

The significance of this feature of ELACO® is obvious. Any increase in fuel efficiency raises the competitive edge of every transporting vessel, regardless of whether it uses traditional or ecologically-conscious fuels.

On the other side, savings for the manufacturers while using ELACO® based materials in their production and manufacturing processes provide an added bonus.


ELACO® represents a unique and revolutionary Technology in creating composite structures.

Therefore, obtaining the International Patent Protection is a priority No.1 in progressing with the development of ELACO® commercialisation strategies, which will facilitate the achievement of optimum results and effects in licensing of the ELACO® Technology.

It is expected that industry interest for ELACO® would be significant because of the desirable mechanical properties of the materials based on this Technology, which are highly appreciated in general industrial and composite materials sectors worldwide.

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